West Coast Wolves: Progressive Values, Regressive Policie

All the programming for the 5th Annual Speak for Wolves is almost complete, and we are excited to announce that Amaroq Weiss, West Coast Wolf Advocate for Center for Biological Diversity, is presenting, West Coast Wolves: Progressive Values, Regressive Policies.

Amaroq Weiss will be presenting her program at Speakf or Wolves 2018 on 27 July at 11:45am. Head over to our PROGRAM page to see who else will be speaking at this year’s event!

“Decades after the extermination of wolves in the Pacific West, Washington, Oregon and California seemed to wolf advocates to be an ecologically promising and culturally progressive terrain for the species’ return. West Coast social and political values led many to wishfully conclude that the cultural landscape would be far less contentious and infinitely more welcoming toward wolves than in the northern Rockies, Southwest and Western Great Lakes states. But wolves dispersing into the West Coast states are first arriving in the geographic parts of each state which are culturally much more like the northern Rockies, Southwest and Great Lakes states than they are like the rest of Washington, Oregon and California, and which wield disproportionately large political power.

“Ten years since the first established wolf packs were confirmed, outdated, entrenched views about predators and especially wolves have resulted in management policies and actions which are unsupported by best available science, in violation of state laws, and which cause the needless killing of wolves.

“Despite these obstacles, the vast majority of West Coast residents continue to strongly support wolf recovery, want wolves legally protected, are outraged by proposed and effected agency actions designed to appease the livestock and hunting industries, and are speaking up for wolves. On the Left Coast, opportunities exist for wolf advocates to channel public support for wolves into management policies that reflect the region’s progressive values.”