2016 Speak for Wolves T-Shirts For Sale

Dear public land owners,

The 2016 Speak for Wolves t-shirts have arrived and they are now available for purchase on our website. All shirts are made of organic cotton and made in the USA. The shirts are a vibrant blue, with a soft white logo. They are available in small, medium, large and extra large. Each shirt costs $25 plus $5 shipping. All proceeds help with expenses for this year’s event. Speak for Wolves is an all-volunteer effort and we greatly appreciate your support!


In the coming weeks, we will announce the programming for Saturday July 16 and Sunday July 17. Things are starting to fall into place. Check our Program page.

We hope you are making plans to join us for this three day family-friendly event at the historic Union Pacific Dining Lodge in beautiful West Yellowstone, Montana. Please visit our Location page.

Virginie Baude at SFW 2016!

We are extremely proud to announce that French artist Virginie Baude will be displaying her beautiful and inspiring paintings at this years event! Her passion is to “create images that convey the intensity and spirit of the wild and to inspire the viewer to preserve all that is natural, wild and free.”

We couldn’t think of a better fit than to have Virginie join us July 15-17, 2016 in West Yellowstone, Montana. We hope you can be part of this family-friendly event, too!

Discover the art of Virginie Baude – visit her official website.

Award winning film
Medicine of the Wolf at SFW 2016

We wanted to share some very exciting news with you! The award winning film Medicine of the Wolf will be screened on Friday July 15, 2016 to open up the 3rd Annual Speak for Wolves . The screening will take place in the historic Union Pacific Dining Lodge of fabulous West Yellowstone, Montana. The Friday evening film will be followed by a question and answer session. Time of film screening to be announced.

Medicine of the Wolf takes us on a journey to “Wolf Country” of northern Minnesota where Director Julia Huffman, and world-renowned photographer Jim Brandenburg, explore the storied human perception of wolves, and how it has evolved over the centuries. This 75-minute exploration of gray wolves in the Western Great Lakes, and other areas in the United States, examines individual wolf traits, wolf family dynamics, wolf habitat, and the crucial roles wolves play on the landscape. Medicine of the Wolf is a voice for humility, understanding, compassion, and courage.

The film recently had its world premiere at the St. Paul Minnesota International Film Festival, where it won the “Best Of” and “Audience Choice Award.” It also took home the top honor of the “Grand Jury Prize” at the Arizona International Film Festival as well as winning the “Audience Choice Award” at the G2 Green Earth Film Festival in Venice CA. Medicine of the Wolf also won the 1st place grant for “Animal Content in Entertainment Award” from the Humane Society of the United States.

We hope you can join us July 15-17, 2016 for this family-friendly, wildlife education event in West Yellowstone, Montana! Films, music, arts, food, and guest speakers will be part of the program. More details announced soon.

Speak for Wolves is an opportunity for the American people to unite, demand wildlife management reform and restore our national heritage.

For wolves and everything wild,

Brett Haverstick

Announcing Speak for Wolves 2016

We are proud to announce that the next Speak for Wolves will take place July 15 – 17, 2016 in the Union Pacific Dining Lodge of beautiful West Yellowstone, Montana. In the coming months, we will assemble the 3-day program and launch a fundraising campaign. In the meantime, start making plans so that you can join us!

Brett Haverstick

Meet Shasta family – California’s first pack in 90 years!

“This news is exciting for California,” said Charlton H. Bonham, CDFW Director. “We knew wolves would eventually return home to the state and it appears now is the time.”

We are very happy to share with you the news that gray wolves were spotted in California for the first time in 90 years! (courtesy to Greenpeace for sharing this information)

California Department of Fish and Wildlife has photographed five gray wolf pups and two adults in Northern California!

This new pack is named the Shasta Pack by California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

These news are made even better in the light of the fact that in June of 2014 gray wolf was listed as endangered under California Endangered Species Act, providing security for the new pack in spite of the undergoing attempts in US Congress to remove wolves from the protection by Federal Endangered Species Act.

According to California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

“Gray wolves that enter California are therefore protected by the ESA making it illegal to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture or collect wolves, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct in California.”

Please see complete article and MORE PHOTOS at California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Thank you for supporting Speak for Wolves!

Speak for Wolves 2015 was an incredible 3-day experience with wildlife advocates from around the country in attendance. People traveled from Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and more. It was a tremendous display of people coming together to advocate for wildlife management reform in America.

Friday night’s film OR7-The Journey was well received and we highly recommend seeing it. We want to thank filmmaker Clemens Schenk, as well as Amaroq Weiss of the Center for Biological Diversity, for attending the screening, and answering questions from the audience.

The speakers on Saturday were excellent. Please continue to follow the important work of Kim Wheeler and the Red Wolf Coalition. Oliver Starr delivered a passionate call to end the killing of gray wolves near the park boundary of Alaska’s Denali National Park. Brian Ertz of Wildlands Defense moved the audience with his explanation of the corruption behind the current Department of Justice’s McKittrick Policy. A huge thank you to Neil Haverstick and Matt Stone for entertaining the crowd with music and good vibrations.

The panel discussion on Saturday night was led by Camilla Fox of Project Coyote and featured a short-film on current efforts to ban wildlife killing contests in the U.S. Please consider supporting the group in completing this important documentary so that is can be screened nationwide. Thank you to Amaroq Weiss and Andrea Santarsiere of the Center for Biological Diversity, Kevin Bixby of the Southwest Environment Center and author/ecologist George Wuerthner for serving on the panel.

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff of the Buffalo Field Campaign for having a strong presence throughout the event. Make sure to keep following the work of Wolf Patrol. And with the recent tragic killing of the grizzly bear and cubs in Yellowstone National Park please continue to follow the advocacy of Doug Peacock and Louisa Willcox.

Lastly, we want to thank MaryLee Sanders for her dance performance, Cindi & John Knox of Funflicks, Gary Grimm of Mountain Visions, all our event sponsors, and the community of West Yellowstone, Montana for having us.

We are already making plans for the 2016 event. Look for an announcement this fall.

Event Aims to Address Need for Wildlife Management Reform in America

Event’s official press release:

West Yellowstone – The 2nd annual Speak for Wolves is set to take place on August 7-9, 2015 in the historic Union Pacific Dining Lodge of West Yellowstone, Montana. The three-day family friendly program will feature guest speakers, panel discussions, live music, children’s activities, interpretive dance and the screening of wildlife documentaries. The event will examine current policies towards carnivores and address the need to reform wildlife management in America, at the state and federal level. The event website is www.speakforwolves.org

On Friday August 7, filmmaker Clemens Schenk will be present for a screening of the award winning documentary, OR7 – The Journey: The epic journey of a lone wolf from Oregon to California. Accompanying him for a question and answer session will be Amaroq Weiss of the Center for Biological Diversity. Tickets are $10. Film begins at 7pm. Doors open at 6pm with music by Neil Haverstick.

On Saturday August 8, Kim Wheeler of the Red Wolf Coalition will give a presentation on struggling red wolf populations, and the challenges of the US Fish & Wildlife Service Red Wolf Recovery Program. Doors open at 11:30am, with opening remarks at 12:00pm.

Activist Oliver Starr will address the alarming decline of gray wolves in Denali National Park and the concept of buffer zones to better protect wolves and other carnivores from aggressive state hunting and trapping policies.

Brian Ertz of Wildlands Defense will examine the controversial McKittrick Policy and why federal officials fail to prosecute the killing of threatened and endangered species. The entire afternoon program is free of charge and runs to 4pm. Children’s activities provided by authors Gail McDiarmid and Marilyn McGee of Running for Home. Live music by Neil Haverstick and Matt Stone.

On Saturday evening, Camilla Fox of Project Coyote will screen a new film about wildlife killing contests that target wolves, coyotes, bobcats and other species for prizes and inducements and efforts to end the practice on public and private lands in the U.S. After the film, Camilla will lead a panel discussion on the issue with colleagues Amaroq Weiss, Kevin Bixby of the Southwest Environmental Center and author George Wuerthner. Program is free and begins at 7pm. Doors open at 6pm with music by Matt Stone.

The Sunday August 9 program begins at 9am and will feature artist and interpretive dancer Mary Lee Sanders, followed by musician Goodshield Aguilar. Mike Mease of the Buffalo Field Campaign will present information on the continued hazing and senseless slaughter of wild bison in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, and provide a vision for recovery and science-based management.

Conservationist Louisa Willcox will then discuss the current role states play in wildlife management, and the misguided efforts to remove federal protections for the grizzly bear. The entire program is free and concludes at 1pm.

Wildlife killing contests should be outlawed in the West

On Jan. 1, a photo appeared on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal, showing a solemn-looking man standing in the desert near Las Cruces, N.M. There were dozens of dead coyotes spread out on the ground around him.

One of the topics discussed this year at Speak for Wolves is abhorrent wildlife killing contests taking place across the West. The proponents argue such contests are necessary for things like coyote ‘management’, while the science has shown repeatedly that this is not true and that non-lethal means, when necessary, provides better results and is even more cost effective.

With a few restrictions, such contests are legal in every state except California, which recently banned them. There were at least 130 such contests held in the nation between August 2013 and July 2014, according to Wildlife Conservation Advocacy Southwest, with at least 17 happening in New Mexico alone. The number of killing contests taking place on public lands is increasing.

The other aspect of these contests that we’d like to draw attention to is the ethical and mental factors such practices glorify and cultivate. As Kevin Bixby, one of this year panelists writes:

“…judging from their presence on Facebook, many clearly take an unhealthy pleasure in watching their living targets suffer and die. The cavalier way they dispatch living creatures and the glibness with which they joke about it is disturbing, especially since we know that these same people are armed and living among us.”

We invite you to read his complete article that appeared in Denver Post.

[photo credits:Denver Post]

Chance to meet renown conservationist – Camilla Fox

Every year we work hard to bring exceptional speakers and experienced conservationists to our event in order to share visions towards recovering wolves and estoring wildness across the American West.

We are honored Camilla Fox will be joining our panel discussion again. Camilla was just named the 2014 Conservationist of the Year by the John Muir Association! This prestigious award honors “those who have excelled in environmental protection, or made significant contributions to the advancement of conservation.”

Her work on behalf of wildlife and wildlands was recently featured in several media outlets. Bay Area supporters may wish to join members of Project Coyote’s team to celebrate Camilla’s well-deserved award at the John Muir Birthday–Earth Day Celebration April 18th at the historic John Muir homestead in Martinez.

We encourage you to attend our Panel Discussion on August 8, 2015 for a chance to meet and learn from the incredible work of Camilla Fox and other remarkable conservationists who will be present. Or take it even further – make your own plan of how you can help carnivores in your own area and get an input from our panel speakers. Ask questions, get advise! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn and make a difference!

Project Coyote official website

Cities are for Wildlife: An Interview with Camilla Fox, Founder and Executive Director of Project Coyote


Camilla Fox at Democratic Woman

Red Wolf Coalition at Speak for Wolves 2015

We are about four months away from our event in West Yellowstone, Montana and we have some exciting news to share with you! Kim Wheeler, Executive Director of the Red Wolf Coalition, will be joining us for a presentation on the perils of America’s red wolf. The presentation is scheduled to take place Saturday afternoon August 7, 2015 inside the Union Pacific Dining Lodge.

Canis rufus, one of the southeast’s rarest predators, was once found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, west to central Texas and north to the Ohio River Valley. By 1980, this majestic animal was functionally extinct in the wild due to habitat loss and systematic extermination. Thanks to captive breeding, a recovery program was started in 1987 in northeast North Carolina. Learn more at redwolves.com

Please consider making a generous donation to this year’s event by visiting our Support Page. Another way to support us is by purchasing an event T-shirt!

Thank you very much for your time and dedication to the recovery of America’s beautiful wolves!

[photo credits:
Red Wolf pups by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, uploaded by Dolovis via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia;
Red Wolf (large image on the right) Red Wolf Recovery Program [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Red Wolf (bottom left) by Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]