Forests for Climate Resilience is a group that uses direct action as a tool to stop the machine that would destroy ancient, living trees. Direct action can look like many different things. It can look like a grandmother locking herself to a chair blocking an oil train, or a treesit in the Mattole forest or thousands of protesters occupying Germany’s Hambach forest. It is mutual aid and solidarity. It is offering support and talking to people. It is blockades of roadways, bridges, and rivers, it is chaining yourself to machinery that will dig out the pipeline, or pour pavement over delicate soil, or cut down the ancient trees that are essential to mitigating climate change. It is frontline communities in the Amazon rainforest. It is even the orangutan clinging to the last tree standing in its habitat. Direct action is regaining strength and is widespread. The time for collective action is now. We are in a planetary climate emergency.