Noël Purser, Suquamish Tribal Member

Noël Purser is an enrolled member of the Suquamish Tribe, with ancestry spanning dozens of indigenous communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her educational and professional backgrounds include Environmental and biological sciences, with a specialized emphasis on Indigenous Ecology and Salish ethnobotany.

“Growing up in a traditional indigenous family in the Pacific Northwest, lessons of ecology were woven throughout each daily interaction with our lands and waters. My fathers’ family wouldn’t just show my siblings and I various plants, animals, fungi or sea life; we were taught how they all interconnect. There are stories our people tell about wolves and orcas being animal relations of ours who have always been necessary contributors to our ecosystem; we were warned, that if one disappeared, the other would follow shortly, ultimately leading to our demise as humans. We are seeing this warning play out in my own lifetime. If ever there was a time to listen to and learn from the wisdom of my elders, knowledge cultivated and passed through countless generations of my family here in the PNW, this is it. I’d like to share my knowledge of this land with anybody willing to listen.”